1) You may have no more than 10 characters, and they MAY be in different clans.

2) YOU MAY NOT POST IN ANY OTHER CLAN'S TERRITORY, UNLESS U WRITE >ATTACK ON -fill clan name- FROM -fill clan name-< (just like that, bold, capital letters, same wording.

3) Example:

{Leopardtail and Lillypaw enter Hollystar's den} (brackets to begin and end scenario)

Leopardtail looks Hollystar in the eyes, somber* (astericks at end for actions)

"Someone tried to attack two apprentices." (quotation marks for talking)

Hollystar is taken aback*

"By what?"

"We don't know"

Leopardtail sighs*

"I must go attend to the injured apprentices."

{Leopardtail and Lillypaw leave}

4) Post your answers to Clan Quiz in the comments or talk area.If you start roleplaying before you do, you'll be kicked out.

5)Create a cat by creating a page with their name, but you must have an account to roleplay, and list your character's on your account page.

Questions? Contact any of the Admins

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