Leader: Hollystar: tortoiseshell she-cat Apprentice: Lillypaw

Deputy: Lionfur

Medicine Cat: Leopardtail- gold with leopard spots Apprentice: Nightpaw

Apprentices: Sealpaw, Shallowpaw, Sunnypaw,

Willowpaw-gray she-cat with yello eyes

Lillypaw-calico she-cat with brown eyes

Nightpaw-black cat green eyes

Warriors: Tigertail, Bushyfur, Moonclaw,

Robinheart-gray tabby tom Apprentice-Willowpaw

Queens: Brambleshell, Cherrypelt, Bluefire

Elders: none

Other Cats Living in Camp: Rowen

Places in the Territory Edit

Roleplay Part Edit

Leopardtail looks at the sky. "There's something coming" she whispers to her leader.

"What?" the other she-cat hisses.

Leopardtail looks at her sadly, "They haven't told me yet..."

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