This is where you'll be able to find out what clan you're in! You realize there is an

A. Atack with no warning, and try to bring them down

B. You stradegize and thhen find the best way to move forward

c.retreat until the bigger warriors can attack

d. confuse them by luring the into your terriotry.

Your favorite prey is...

A. snakes and frogs

B. fish and mice

C. rabbits and squirrels

D. squirrels and birds

You pride yourself on your...

A ruthlessness

B. swimming

C. speed

D. Hunting skills!

You are_______ at gatherings.

A. not necessarily peaceful.

B. Peaceful unless fighting breaks out, in which case i will pprotect my clan.

C. peaceful, always

D. usually peaceful but if i have a problem i won't stop for the full moon

Your opinion of kittypets?

A. disgusting and lazy

B. ignorant, but teachable

C. helpful butt not ready for clan life

D. it depends on the cat


Mostly A's- Shadowclan ( Shadowclan Territory )

Mostly B's- Riverclan ( Riverclan Territory )

Mostly C's- Windclan ( Windclan Territory

Mostly D's- Thunderclan ( Thunderclan Territory )