This is a part of Riverclan Territory if you're not in Riverclan you shouldn't be here!

Leader's DenEdit

Medicine Cat's DenEdit

Nightpaw and Lillypaw come in supporting a tiny gray cat with what looks like red markings.

"Nightpaw?" Asks leopardtail, confused.

"Willowpaw and Hollystar found him near the gorge."

"Well bring her in!"

they carry her over to a moss nest and wait until she wakes up*

She stirs and wakes up. Jumps up, hisses and winces.*

"Oh Starclan, those are scars! Not markings! Nightpaw, fetch me moss soaked in water, and cobweb."

They clean off the cat who tells them that she is Rowen, but will say nothing else*

"Rowen i cannot help you unless you tell me how you were hurt!" Leopardtail yowls

"I was pushed off the cliff, and i straggled up, where he was waiting to ambush!" She says licking her scars, "but thats not where i got these. Now stop getting into my business!"

The little cat bristles as Robinheart walks in*

"Who's that?"

Lillypaw growls*

"That's my father, got a problem?"

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